So you've listened to last Friday night Andy Bell dj set here 
And here's Marco Zanell ^_^  your guide :), last Saturday night dj set, some Saturday night fever :)
About 2 hours, 39 songs, I would make you tired as hell :)
Of course I couldn't choose many of my favourite songs 'cause they were not "danceable", though I love these ones, slowing in the end 'cause getting tired :), a mix of oldies and recent, but always goodies :), above all: classics.
Enjoy! Let's start with Italian words :), that mean "all fruits" :)


Tutti frutti (Little Richard - also covered by Elvis Presley, The Queen, Elton John, Sting, etc.)
You can never tell (Chuck Berry - Pulp Fiction :)
Hound dog (Elvis Presley)
I get around (The Beach Boys)
Long tall Sally (Little Richard - also covered by The Beatles)
Be-bop-a-lula (Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps - also covered by Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Queen, etc.)
Whole lotta shakin' going on (Jerry Lee Lewis)
That'll be the day (Buddy Holly)
Everybody's trying to be my baby (Carl Perkins - also covered by The Beatles)
Rock and roll music (Chuck Berry - also covered by the Beatles, Beach Boys, etc.)
Barbara Ann (The Beach Boys)
Roll over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
Twist and shout (The Isley Brothers - also covered by The Beatles and everybody :)
Rock around the clock (Bill Haley and His Comets - also covered by Elvis Presley)
I wanna be your man (rare: The Rolling Stones doing The Beatles)
Surfin' Usa (The Beach Boys)
Get it on (Marc Bolan, T-Rex, cover of Oasis' Cigarettes&alcohol ahaha)
Stayin' alive (Bee Gees - director Sylvester Stallone the Italian stallion ^_^-John Travolta Italian origins Tony Manero :)
Twisting by the pool (Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits)
Big black smoke (The Kinks)
Crazy little thing called love (The Queen, Freddie Mercury)
This charming man (Morrissey, The Smiths)
Miss you (The Rolling Stones)
Rockin' all over the world (Status Quo)
Got my mind set on you (George Harrison)
Take me out (Franz Ferdinand)
Gimme some lovin' (Spencer Davis Group - The Blues Brothers :) - also covered by Olivia Newton-John, Queen, etc.)
Are you gonna be my girl? (Jet)
Chelsea dagger (The Fratellis)
Disco 2000 (Jarvis Cocker, Pulp)
Some velvet morning (Primal Scream+Kate Moss)
She's electric (Oasis)
Walk of life (Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits)
Come dancing (The Kinks)
We must be in love (Five Stairsteps - Curtis Mayfield)
Night fever (Bee Gees, again Tony Manero)
Rock and roll (Led Zeppelin)
Great balls of fire (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Bring the light - slower version (Beady Eye)

there would be many more. I should put all the Beach Boys songs :), but the limit was 2 hours.

and here is a video I made from mod Quadrophenia, just a bit slower edit - 92%, to match the images, feat. the Ace Face and the diving scene

"We get chatting to Marco who was around for Paolo Nutini arriving and had given him a quick hand shake then sloped off, (you know how cool guys like to play it), he is really a Brit Indie lad at heart trapped inside the body of an Italian guy, his taste in music is fabulous".

:) hmm not so Indie :)
maybe also Italian lad at heart inside an English guy :)

tickets already available from now!
if you get them soon, you save money.
see here: www.monzanet.it/en/tickets/8
My sister sometimes worked as "umbrella girl" :) on the grid.
I drove some cars on this legendary F1 circuit, I know so well every corner since I was a child.

Some time ago the new McLaren MP4-12C was presented in Milan...'cause in Milan, England, we support McLaren, not "Ferraglia"... and McLaren motto is: "good enough is not good."
Debut at Goodwood festival of speed (do you remember Milano Alfa Romeo there)

Hamilton and Button testing it

Beady Eye are thrilled to announce their first live shows in March 2011. Special treatment for Milan, announced separately :)
After releasing their first piece of music - which NME termed an 'event release, the likes of which we haven't seen in aeons' - the band will be giving fans a first live taste of their premiere album, which is proving to be one of the most hotly anticipated live debuts ever seen.

16 March, Alcatraz disco, tickets on 26 November

images from "The boat that rocked" film

Last year in England, from 3 December at cinemas in Italy
‎(Italian premiere on 29 November in Milan +tribute band)
In Milan a new park dedicated to John Lennon. 

(Pretty Green font :)
...making all his nowhere plans 
for nobody. 
...knows not where he's going to, 
isn't he a bit like you and me?

As you may have read around recently, they say Milan is the most expensive city in the world.
When I read stuff about money I never believe at first. One day you're the worst in this, the other day worst in that, one day you're even the city most visited by aliens, it also depends on who's the one saying those things. Jealous ones are always ready to throw mud on you.
Of course Milan is not cheap and it's expensive: but "most expensive in the world" could be for tourists. Shopping in expensive fashion places or having a meal in a luxurious restaurant in the centre. Then so many cities are so expensive.
Watching the film "Blue Moon rising" about Manchester City, I noticed a sentence they said: we never left the city. Me too, I always lived in Milan: when sometimes I tried to live in other places (but for job), I came back immediately and/or angry (where the f**k have I been to?). In the end your city is your city.
And if Milan is really so expensive for tourists, then visit me :P

Last night in Milan... shivers. Morricone concerts are the best I've ever seen, one @ Duomo cathedral and one on the front row. 
This one at Milan Forum, same place of Oasis concerts in Milan. 
"Once upon a time in America" by Sergio Leone (director of the spaghetti western movie on Oasis 1st album cover image, the Good the Bad and the Ugly).  Morricone inspired all the musicians in the world, Noel Gallagher included, for example in the melodies of Don't believe the truth. 

precious Stradivari 1727 violin played by Marco Serino


the Good the Bad and the Ugly + Once upon a time in the West
+ A fistful of dynamite [Duck, you sucker]

Nuovo cinema paradiso, tema d'amore per Nata

Nuovo cinema paradiso
I will add other videos.

LONDON - Italy and England didn't play so well tonight, but they were friendly games and as we say: unlucky at games, lucky in love :)
Liam Gallagher (not watching tv tonight :) and Nicole Appleton made a rare red carpet appearance together at the Draper Awards.
The elite of the retail fashion industry were in attendance at the Drapers Awards this evening, celebrating its 20th anniversary at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. Excitingly Pretty Green (which started in Milan, 11 March 2009, but official lauch: 9 June 2009, my birthday) were crowned 'Menswear Brand of the Year'. 
Liam Gallagher received the award personally and commented: "Myself, Nick (Holland) and the team are absolutely buzzing that Pretty Green has won a Drapers Award; which is a massive achievement for such a young brand".
Pretty Green were delighted to be chosen ahead of big names such as Paul Smith, Boss Orange, Polo Ralph Lauren & Tommy Hilfiger.

Richard Ralph, CEO at Pretty Green commented: "Pretty Green is dedicated to producing high quality pieces which focus on British-centric style and design". Richard added: "Being nominated for the Drapers Awards highlights that Pretty Green is an established player in the menswear market and is on the same level as highly respected brands".
Speaking about the achievement, Liam Gallagher commented: "A year ago I set up Pretty Green to make the kind of clothes that I wanted to wear and being recognised by Drapers today shows how far we've come. Keep the faith, beware of darkness".
Everyone here at Pretty Green would like to thank all of our customers for your continued support!

MANCHESTER - Although Manchester band Take That’s new album ‘Progress‘ shifted an astonishing 235,000 copies in it’s first day, this will only be good enough for holding the title of fastest-selling UK album this century.
Oasis’s third album, ‘Be Here Now‘ (the one with Milano Lambretta on the cover), the follow up to 1995’s (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, still holds the UK’s record for the biggest first day sales after it sold 350,000 in 24 hours back in 1997. The Brit Rock legends, who recently split, went on to sell approx. 70 million albums world wide.
‘Progress’, which is the band’s first album in 16 years to feature Robbie Williams, grabbed this sales record just a day after the band performed together for the first time since their reunion on Sunday night’s ‘X Factor’.
As if one record weren’t enough, Take That also crushed another one when their tour became the biggest and fastest-selling in UK history earlier this month.
Martin Talbot from the Official Charts Company, commented about Take That sales: “This is a phenomenal achievement from an already phenomenally successful band.”

Take That perform at the City of Manchester stadium on 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10,11 and 12 June 2011 (all sold out, 8 dates also @ Wembley), and after England they come to Milan San Siro stadium on 12 July (not sold out :)

HD video here - How deep is your love (Bee Gees cover)

Milano is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, thanks to its combination of cosmopolitan feel and exclusively Italian lifestyle.
The greatest Italian stylists create their masterpieces in Milano. This is the birthplace of "Made in Italy": the atmosphere, the events, and the products of Milano are copied all over the world!
The most interesting things to see, its most fascinating places... only true "milanesi" know where find these places.
The best shopping tour in the world capital of fashion

NAIROBI (Kenya) – Italian pasta, spaghetti, pizza, etc., so the Mediterranean diet, were added to the UNESCO's Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of humanity.
"We try to follow the Mediterranean diet because it's healthier and we believe the products used in it are to be preserved," said Josephine O'Reilly, who was visiting Italy from Dublin, Ireland. "Even if the originals could cost more than others, they are totally worth their prices."

Again and again about Lambretta. The scooter museum is located in via Marconi street in Rodano, near the river Lambro, 11 kilometers from the center of Milan. Also with Jayne Mansfield’s gold plated Lambretta. Entry to the museum is free.
The girl in the photos is the English model Jean Shrimpton.
Today I contacted the English artist Paul Cocksedge and unfortunately "the Kiss" won't be in Milan as last Christmas, but in London.
There will be different lights works in Milan, but people are still allowed to kiss each other :)
Oasis fringe hairstyle :)
blue City :)
Lambretta shield (coats of arms): England Milan flag + Milan laurel + English lion
do you remember, similar to Liam Gallagher's Carnaby Street Pretty Green jacket :)
from Oasis "Don't go away" video with the Lambretta owned by Noel
(also on "Be here now" cover image, the album with UK’s record for the biggest first day sales)
the ModFather Paul Weller+Stereophonics' Kelly Jones, Call me n.5

Man City striker SuperMario was not only at the San Siro in Milan, supporting AC Milan and not his ex Inter. He was also in the usual restaurant, "da Giannino" (since 1899 as AC Milan :) with AC chief executive Adriano Galliani, who said Mario is "very funny" :). Mario, to avoid annoying journalists and paparazzi :), said, smiling: "everybody thinks I'm funny" :)
Rumours say, "a source said" lol, they're working to make Mario join Milan next June. He's an AC Milan fan (and Ibra fan, his idol when he was at Inter), and soon or later Mario@Milan will happen. Really, it was funny to see Mario and Galliani interviewed and saying there's nothing between them, but it was so clear the contrary ahaha and they were smiling :D without saying a clear "no" about it...
Mario was also called to play for Italy national team vs Romania in Austria.

Meanwhile, and this is a surprising breaking news, Barbara Berlusconi, daughter of the Italian Prime Minister and AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi, is gonna work very soon in the team staff, and someday could become AC Milan president.

It rhymes :)
So, here's the situation :) ...AC Milan of course won Milan derby :D
I know people who in September already think about what to do on 31 December. Quite absurd... as you know, as a good retro-Englishman :), conservative Englishman ahaha I celebrate the new year on 25 March.
Let's add an event to the calendar. On 31 December I think I'm just going to a pub or club, as the Beatles did in Milan, just one place. Soon also the Hollywood Milano club will announce the party for that night, so we could dance, preparing for Beady Eye concerts :)
Keep on voting for history, need some more votes before 20 December, so we are among the first fifty people and Fred Perry (yes him, from above :) will decide who's the winner. If we win, those 5,000£ would be spent for the Beady Eye night :)
Oasis clicking here and/or Beatles clicking here

new video

my tribute to vinyls, instrumental version without vocals&la-la-las
but with John Lennon speaking at the end

Long tall Sally


Rock&roll music

Ticket to ride, best song in history according to Oasis' Noel Gallagher

I wanna be your man

Everybody's trying to be my baby

She's a woman

Can't buy me love

Baby's in black... and I'm feeling OasisBlues :)

I feel fine

A hard day's night

I'm not putting one song missing: "I'm a loser"... 'cause I'm not! lol

Different Helter skelter :). Reports have started to come in suggesting that “Bring the Light” by ex Oasis' Liam Gallagher’s newband Beady Eye will not feature on their debut album when released in 2011.
Beady Eye released the track as a free download (video soon), and so far the reaction has been mixed to say the least.
Now some sources ("a source said" :) are claiming that the track has only been released as a promotional track.
So what do we have to expect from this new band? They're not Oasis.
The 20 seconds we had heard at first were a rock song. Bring the Light is rock 'n' roll :). It's Jerry Lee Lewis, it's Elvis. From Liam's Oasis last song, Boy with the Blues, he kept the piano and the female voices. And the "come on" :)
Alan is right, we have to wait for the album. It takes some time to appreciate completely a song, in fact the more I listen to it, the more I like it. The road of a song is long and winding :), then you put memories on it, nice ones if it's happy as this one. Still to be honest, when I heard those 20 seconds I was super-excited, and when I first listened to Bring the Light I was disappointed, 'cause I was expecting something different: or, better said, I was expecting always the same kind of music I was used to listen from them. I thought: oh mamma mia, Noel is gonna have a laugh ^_^. Especially those female voices at the end (and Liam's) sounded strange, as a cartoon. I was wondering if I clicked on the right song :)
But now I think it would be good to have some rock'n'roll tunes as that one. Of course we'll keep the interest on Beady Eye. Going to their concerts will be something different. To say it all: listening to them, I'm dancing at home :), as I did when I was a child, listening to Michael Jackson.
Usually the people jump at Oasis concerts, or "fight". With a song as Bring the Light, we would dance. I've been to so many concerts but I was always jumping: the only one where I danced I remember it was at my first Scottish Franz Ferdinand gig (the band born to make girls dance) in Milan, had so much fun. Sara, the Scottish girlfriend of Noel (they met in a dancing place as Ibiza), likes them more than Oasis :). But Noel also worked with dance music, in his youth and also later with Chemical Brothers.
Judging from some unreleased songs we have, Noel's tunes sound sad, while Liam's (too) happy... don't know how much the people will like them. Maybe Oasis should reform, to have "a balance" :)
And they will, as Scottish Alan :) repeated again the other day.
Beady Eye, totally unexpected: well done Liam!

some Beady Eye t-shirts on Spreadshirt shop: www.milanshop.spreadshirt.net

Great balls of fire

Whole lotta shakin' going on (1957)

Take me out

Dedicated to Pretty Green's Joe Cole, the one who had to play "only abroad" for "Milan fashion giants": now leading the Serie A league, goals again from Pato, Ibrahimovic and ex Manchester City Robinho entered and scored his third goal for Milan. Inter in crisis and on Sunday it's derby day.
Pics: not Liam's gift this time :) but Prada Milano rossoneri exclusive for our muse Jessica.
The red diavolo wears Prada :)
This is the most interesting thing a woman could find, lol ! (it's the pure truth)
 JB and Liam's Jaguar ^_^ 
by the way, last Sunday the ex Jaguar Red Bull (you remember the Hollywood Milano party) 
won the Formula 1 world championship

woman's brain (scarpe=shoes ^_^)

The music legend Alan McGee said he almost always stays at home with his family, and Liam Gallagher stays at home on Saturday nights, watching tv with his family (but I can imagine: also doing other things ^_^ with their wives, Alan wife is a beautiful woman, the keyboards player of the women band The Client, Kate Holmes - not the wife of Tom Cruise :).
I don't think many would agree but let's do something similar on 19-20 November weekend, another "Oasis weekend" event: on 19 Alan is in Torino for the new film Upside Down (free entrance), then he said also Milan again. We could go and see his documentary with him, featuring Oasis, and also the new film Blue Moon Rising with Noel, I ordered the dvd and it's arriving in some days.
No, Kate Moss is not coming with Alan, she comes to Italy only for love: her first boyfriend was Italian (they still work together), she had lesbian sex with Courtney Love in Milan, and she got married in Italy recently.
As one of my favourite songs, 'Stay young', says: stay in bed and sleep all day as long as it's Sunday :)

Manchester City film with Oasis' Noel Gallagher, produced by Endemol, the company owned by AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset, the Italian Prime Minister

just some days to vote for us and you can win some clothes and British Airways tickets to go anywhere in the world. 
In the "top rated" we're still 1st ! 
click here 
(first you have to 'like' the England 2018 bid page)

the Mayor of Milan, redhead Mrs Letizia Moratti
From half November you will see all the official merchandising from the City of Milan, available to purchase from December.
Of course the logo is Milan flag, Saint George's England cross.
This is a preview, with the typical milanese "panettone" Christmas cake, but there will be everything: desktop cases, cd holders, home items, jewels, umbrellas, clothes, bicycles with names in Milan dialect ”Sciur” (Mister), “Sciura” (Mrs), “Bagaii” (luggage), “Tusa” (girl) :), etc. even motorbikes, this is a MV Agusta Brutale.

*Name from Milan river Lambro. The other day I was naming The Who and again the Italian scooters, this weekend the Eicma motorbike exhibition is showing girls... ah no sorry, it's a motorbike show, lol. In the same place where Oasis had to perform their last concert ever (fiera Milano-Rho, Expo 2015).
The first one here is by Sweet Years, the Milan brand by Maldini and Vieri (and Melissa Satta), Liam Gallagher met the AC Milan legend. 
On Friday all the women have free entrance. 

"Vespa 50 Special" by Lunapop, this Italian band is the one of the song on the right column "...we love England", but too much :), in fact they copied "Better day" from Ocean Colour Scene in another song, with even the same title. That's called a cover, darling.

Paul Weller

The Kinks, "Victoria"

...I could add a thousand songs...

LONDON - On 2 December the decision for the World Cup 2018. Let's make another competition: send another photo of you with an England scarf or whatever about England and win a travel to Milan, England :). You're becoming famous :). I'm giving all to support England, also because the English are always so kind with me. I put a countdown on the right.
You can find a scarf here or I can lend you mine.
Photos here: marco@miamilan.com

England's "Three lions" by the Lightning Seeds - I made this video,
featuring Lord Marco Nelson :) and Saint Marco in Venezia
(the symbol is Saint Marco lion). 
The first sentence is missing, "the crosses of Saint George (Milan symbol) are flying
all around me". See if you can recognize all the people, solution down here.

among others: Lord Nelson, Beckham&Rooney, Noel (difficult to recognize :), Hamilton, Button, the military Miss England Katrina Hodge, then an Italian part, Sergio Pizzorno from Kasabian, Frankie Dettori (born in Milan), Capello&Terry, ex Manchester City "Psycho" Pearce, and his under-21 more or less playing as first squad in 2018, former Milan's Raymond Wilkins (playing for AC Milan in the '80s with Mark Hateley), Daniel Craig, London mayor Boris Johnson&Ian Wright, then his adopted son Shaun Wright-Phillips with Micah Richards at Man City and then also our Adam Johnson in the group with Capello and David Cameron, "Italy nil England nil", prince William&Harris, Sting, Shearer after having named him two times, Paul the Octopus, Lineker, Webb, Man City&United Barry&Ferdinand, Richards again (it's not Balotelli :), Sophie Ellis Bextor that bitch ahahaha, and England women's team

Today, November 2 (that is the Day of the Dead) in my church (Sant'Ambrogio, that is the patron saint of the city) and at the main graveyard, the mayor of Milan, the redhead Mrs Letizia Moratti, paid homage, among others, to the founder of AC Milan, and now he's in the Famedio among the most important people of the city. Kilpin was from Nottingham, the city of Robin Hood (today we have Robinho playing, nicknamed Robinhood :). In Nottingham they have similar trams to our modern ones.
A few months ago there was a football museum in Milan main square, and also a competition to win some little prizes. The people were in a queue (Oasis beautiful song "Part of the queue" :), great to play by guitar, also in the film North Country with Charlize Theron). We were there to phototograph the Champions League trophy and answer to a question: a man was saying the years, and the people had to answer which European team won the trophy. I knew all of them and even told the answers to the people, but when it was my turn, I was excited on the stage, it's ironic and of course I answered a wrong one ahahaha I had to say Nottingham Forest, now a not so big team but in the past they won it 2 times, in 1979 and 1980.

not by Liam as it's written, but Noel

Brief biography, this is very interesting:
Kilpin was born in Nottingham in 1870. He grew up with nine older brothers and sisters at 129 Mansfield Road. After leaving school he worked as a lace warehouse assistant in the city. He was a keen footballer and, aged only 13, he had taken part at the foundation of a small amateur club named after Italian national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, whose players wore the typical red shirts.
But he didn't play for Nottingham Forest and the other team from there, Notts County (the oldest professional football club in the world, 1862). Kilpin's footballing career went on with the now defunct Notts Olympic and then for St. Andrews, a church team based near the Forest Recreation Ground on Gregory Boulevard.
the Hotel du Nord et des Anglais
(Hotel of North and of the English)
in Milan, where AC Milan was founded, near AC Milan
headquarters today, now called Principe di Savoia Hotel
where also Oasis stayed
from England to Italy
He became the first-ever Englishman to play football abroad. By 1898, Kilpin had already left Turin and settled in Milan with fellow Englishman Samuel Richard Davies, where he met some English people in a bar (our Football English Pub ahahaha) living here (as today still 7,000 English live in Milan), as Edwards. And the following year, the duo, with some Italians, was among the charter members of A.C. Milan, which was originally named Milan Foot-Ball and Cricket Club. In honor of its origins, the club has retained the English spelling of its city's name, instead of changing it to the Italian Milano.
The first elected president was Alfred Edwards; while Kilpin, who was arguably their most experienced man, would serve as player-manager (he was the first manager and first great player). However, he decided to let his oldest teammate David Allison be the captain for the first season. Allison is also credited as the first goalscorer in the history of the club, scoring the opening goal in Milan's first match, a friendly against Mediolanum, on 11 March 1900.
The newly founded club proved immediately successful, as they won the national title in 1901, only the second season of their history. Kilpin spent nine seasons at club, and led the Rossoneri (redblack) to two more titles in 1906 and 1907.
Kilpin died in 1916, aged only 46, probably due to his drinking and smoking habits (I think I already heard this about some England player :)
In 1999, the club's centenary year, A.C. Milan paid for a new tombstone in the Monumental Graveyard.

pub in Milan, very close to the hospital where I was born

interview with the Irish player+music video
Nottingham Forest's The Establishment and England-former Forest&Manchester City's Stuart 'Psycho' Pearce
...quella che collassa al minuto 13:15 mi ricorda la legge inglese che impone alle donne ubriache riverse sulla strada di "indossare mutande carine" muhauhauhauha (giustamente i mutandoni della nonna stile Bridget Jones non sarebbero un bel vedere)

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coming up next... main events calendar

20 February: Depeche Mode @ Assago
19->25 February: Milan woman fashion week (settimana moda donna)
4->8 March: Carnevale Ambrosiano
3 April: Franz Ferdinand @ Assago
12-13 April: Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 (furniture exhibition), Milan design week
23->25 May: Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este (Como lake)
12 June->13 July: World Cup @ pub
25 June: Aerosmith @ Rho
4->7 September: Formula 1 @ Monza 2014
4->9 November: EICMA 2014 (centenary 1914-2014)
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..... this is Milan hymn "oh mia bella Madunina" (oh my beautiful Lady) in dialect.. see "songs about Milano" post (for lyrics & meaning), the 2nd part is called "Let the world talk" ('cause many people are jealous of Milan) ..... Milano by Lucio Dalla, the magic city of "moda" and mystery

Fashion star with music stars

Fashion star with music stars
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..... Northern Italy anthem: Va pensiero (Go, thought, on golden wings) by Verdi (from Nabucco)

"L'Italia è la casa spirituale degli Oasis.
I ragazzi italiani sono come me, molto passionali.
4 elementi li contraddistinguono: il calcio, la musica, la famiglia e l'amore per l'eleganza. I miei amici italiani sono dei fighi, indossano vestiti e scarpe stupende, sciarpe favolose, occhiali da sole anche di notte e donne bellissime al loro fianco. Beh, sono considerato una figura santa in Italia. E' Milano... l'Italia è grande amico, cazzo se mi piace andarci".
(Noel Gallagher, Oasis)

Italy is Oasis spiritual home.
Italian boys are like me, very passionate.
4 elements mark them: football, music, family and love for elegance. My Italian friends are cool, they wear wonderful clothes and shoes, fabulous scarves, sunglasses even at night and beautiful women by their side. Well, I'm considered quite a holy figure in Italy, It's Milan... Italy's great man, I
fucking love going there.

"Milano è il miglior fottuto pubblico, e lo dico davvero!"
(toccandosi il cuore più volte)
(Liam Gallagher, Oasis)

Milan is the best fucking crowd, and I really mean it!
(touching his heart more times)

"Nice jacket"
(Liam Gallagher embracing me)
..... "Slide away" music by Oasis. We have a real piece of Moon next to my house, that is Manchester City symbol. You can see Capello table @ the Football English pub here and also Jesi, the town of former Inter Milan now City manager Mancini, where my uncle was born.

contact: marco@miamilan.com

contact: marco@miamilan.com
click to order. Milan Futurism and photos by Harri Peccinotti (famous Milano Pirelli calendars 1968 & 1969)

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..... Queen in Milan, Love of my life

..... ‎(AC) Milano Dolce & Gabbana...my lips, for kissing and for words that start with the letter M ;)

..... Monza 2012

‎"...reminds me of fashion, football, fantastic food and the fans... it's set in amazing city of Milan which provides a beautiful backdrop with the Duomo... I hear it's good for shopping too, shame we don't have time"

..... when it seems to finish, it's not over yet :)
..... Monza 2011
..... Mark Van Bommel crying for leaving Milan

wearing Milan RayBan sunglasses

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..... Milano mod Lambretta
..... Pretty Green history. "I'm a cold Italian pizza" :)

the beginning of Pretty Green, Milan, 11 March 2009 (same day: Inter Milan losing in Manchester ehehe). My English blue navy Pretty Green scarf, a must-have: a soft, lightweight polka dot scarf made from 100% cotton and expertly hand-printed by Italy’s leading scarf producer
..... London -> Milan, November 2009, with Milan legend Paolo Maldini. Follow us & Liam on Twitter & YouTube
..... Le Vibrazioni from Milan, "Dedicato a te (Giulia)"

English tabloid, Italian paparazzi ^_^
Milano red mod Lambretta
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Oasis here 55 - Beatles here 54

English girl + Milano Lambretta
..... Milan was appointed as the 1st city of fashion in the world.
"Milano è una città bellissima. Molta gente pagherebbe per stare qui. Non vado quasi mai a fare shopping, quello che mi piace di Milano è la gente".
(David Beckham, Milan)
[=Milan is a beautiful city. Many people would pay for staying here. I almost never go shopping, what I like in Milan is the people.]
"We get chatting to Marco who was around for Paolo Nutini arriving and had given him a quick hand shake then sloped off, (you know how cool guys like to play it), he is really a Brit Indie lad at heart trapped inside the body of an Italian guy, his taste in music is fabulous.
The tempo was troppo caldo (too hot weather), the Duomo is breathtaking to say the least. Milano women are ridiculously stylish and fabulously slim, gorgeous beings. The chef shaped my pizza into a love heart. Italian men are so smooth!
..... Monza 2010 ..... London, with a Milan Lambretta... waiting for a PG shop in Milan. Same days, new PG shop and new Milan shop: ..... Katy Perry (Oasis fan) in Milan, music & fashion

Milove :)

"Italian" is not a nationality but a compliment

..... a Dutch man in Milan teaching Italian :). To say Hollywood is the best club, I paid the girl ahaha joking

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..... Italian accent :), his girlfriend studied in Milan and he's got friends from here. I drove some cars on this circuit, know every corner as my pockets since I was a child. ..... The centre of the world. The new zone where Oasis had to perform their last concert in history... before the "break" of 5 years... strange coincidence, 2015... we're all part of a Masterplan :))) In his 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere', Noel refers to Italy as the bands’ 'spiritual home' and anyone who has been to an Oasis gig in Italy will know why. It’s fitting that Oasis have chosen Milan to stage the final show... but then Noel left the band again (for the 3rd time) 2 days before (from the official site ) ..... arts->football->art->food->art->fashion->football->music->art... watch this slideshow I made with Oasis piano music of Live forever "we see things they'll never see...'cause I just wanna fly": the 1st city of fashion in the world, the most famous painting in the world, the most famous theatre in the world, the best food in the world, the biggest Christmas tree in the world, the biggest equestrian statue in the world, the 1st team in football history, Milan is magic ..... the most beautiful woman in the world, Breil Milano Compleanno Image Banner 300 x 250

..... song of the summer 2010 in Italy. It says "amiamo l'Inghilterra... crediamo nell'eternità", we love England, we believe in eternity.

the city of Milano&England have the same flag. Ladies&gentlemen, AC Milan, best club in history, was founded by a group of English&Italians. Milan was appointed as the 1.city of world fashion.
..... Milano da bere, Milan to drink: historic tv advert in 1987 by Marco Mignani, the same man who invented the political name "Forza Italia", conservative party by Berlusconi, born in Milan
..... ahahaha this is hilarious. One of many Milan red drinks ("Milan to drink") like Ramazzotti, Campari, etc. by a Milan comic band fooling around Milan homosexual fashion stylists ^_^ One says "divine" that also means "of wine" and the other goes "which wine, you stupid (girl) !" ahahaha

I'm pleased to announce that I created the "Milano" Facebook network, the only original one on Facebook (it took years to have it), and to use it you have to ask me (by mail here: marco@miamilan.com) a nice Google e-mail address, as "yourname@miamilan.com" ...I'm not Italian, I'm more: I'm from Milan. :D ...The funny part is that to make Facebook accept it, I put it as a "work network" but now it's also a place network. Milan people are known for being always busy in doing something, so this place-work network is appropriate :)
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..... oh mamma mia ...
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the best team in history. INTERNATIONAL TROPHIES: AC Milan 18 (7 Champions Leagues), Real Madrid 18 (10 CL), Barcelona 15 (4 C.L.), Liverpool 11 (5 CL), Bayern Munich (5 CL) & Juventus (2 CL) & Ajax (4 CL) 10, Inter Milan 9 (3 CL), Porto (2 CL) & Manchester United (3 CL) 7, Chelsea (1 CL) & Anderlecht & Atletico Madrid (no CL) 5, 4: Feyenoord (1 CL) & Parma & Valencia & Sevilla (no CL), 3: Nottingham Forest (2 CL) & Borussia Dortmund (1 CL) & Dynamo Kyiv & Tottenham (no CL), 2: Benfica (2 CL) & Psv Eindhoven (1 CL) & Red Star Belgrade (1 CL) & Steaua Bucharest (1 CL) & Hamburg (1 CL) & Aston Villa (1 CL) & Ifk Goteborg & Borussia M. & Mechelen & Real Zaragoza & Aberdeen & Lazio & Galatasaray & Zenit Sankt-Peterburg (no CL), 1: Celtic (1 CL) & Olympique Marseille (1 CL) & Manchester City & Fiorentina & Napoli & Sampdoria & Rangers & Ipswich Town & Ferencvarosi & Slovan Bratislava & Cska Moskva & Shakhtar Donetsk & Paris Saint-Germain & Arsenal (no CL), etc. Milan city leading with 27 trophies.

AC Milan is the only one club in the world to play the derby of Italy (Milan-Juventus), of Europe (Milan-Real Madrid), of the world (Milan-Boca Juniors), being the most winning one. +derby of the most winning city in the world, 27 international trophies

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Pdl - Il Popolo della Libertà
..... Prince, The most beautiful girl in the world