You can already get tickets for Monza GP 2012 (6->9 September), click here - until 31 January you save money. Usually, people prefer to already own a ticket, of course, but there are also some ways to have a ticket paying before and getting it the day you arrive there. Formula 1 is a very expensive sport, but it's worth.
If you're coming from far, of course you want to stay the whole weekend, but for people who live closer, even if they are big fans, 3-4 days of Formula One could be very tiring (because of the sun, walking, etc.), so for them it's better just 1 or 2.
For some things you should spend more, for other things you should spend less. Here are my advices from our experiences.

if you're coming from abroad, foreign countries, you probably have to take a plane, that is not expensive, especially if you book some time before, at least one month. There are 3 main airports around Milan: Malpensa (quite far but there's a nice train arriving to Milan's Cadorna station), Linate (closer, the bus number 73 takes you to the centre) and Orio al Serio (very far, you'll have to take a train).
So when you're here you probably don't have a car (unless you rent one), but it's better to go around without a car, as traffic is a problem and it also would be difficult for you without knowing the places. And, you would have to spend a lot of money for fuel and car parkings for whole days. It's also more adventurous to go around and meet people.

cheap hotels, hostels, campings, are not very popular in Milan, you could find them but they could be far and not very nice (you know, Milan is quite an expensive city), I remember also some English girls told me about them. Well, if you like camping, I remember a Hungarian girl choosing it, there's one "inside" the circuit (it is so inside that last year we laughed because when we were going to the circuit I went inside the camping and a girl working there tried to stop me, and I said: no autographs, please, lol. I was sure it wasn't a camping so I could go inside :). 
But I think it's better if you spend just a little bit more for this and stay in a normal hotel, so you can also easily visit Milano. Usually, people say to avoid hotels around Stazione Centrale (the main station), 'cause it's a bit dangerous.
I know some people prefer to stay in a hotel outside the city, I think it's a bad choice, you could get lost. Not even the people here know so well all the places.
Ferrari crew stay in one of the most central hotels, just right under the Duomo cathedral (there's also their shop near there) and of course it's very expensive. But drivers usually sleep inside the circuit in their rooms. Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata usually stay @ a luxury hotel by Como lake (not very far from the circuit), same hotel where former Oasis Liam Gallagher-speeding Beady Eye often come. I know some people stay @ same hotels of celebrities to be sure to meet them, but it's a risk, you could spend a lot of money in vain. And I tell you, there's nothing to go crazy for famous people.
If you're an attractive girl, there's no problem for anything, and you can stay by us, lol.
My sister sometimes has a job on the circuit on the grid as "umbrella girl", now she's more a chief for the girls working.

(distance: about 15 kms, =10 miles, but the total is about 20 kilometres to the circuit)
when you're in Milan and you have to go to the circuit, the best way is: 
a taxi, but it could cost too much, and you wouldn't meet other fans="tifosi", as Schumacher says.
If you don't want to take a taxi, first take a train (about 2 €uros or so, usually towards direction Chiasso) from Garibaldi station (green line metro stop), not from Stazione Centrale station, because there are less trains to go to Monza.
In a few minutes you arrive in Monza, the city (but it doesn't mean that you're already on the circuit, not yet).
Here, outside Monza station, you can walk a tunnel to go out on the right of the station, there's a free bus (called "linea nera", black line), from 7:30 am, from Friday to Sunday of the Formula 1 weekend (there isn't on Thursday, if you have to go there to meet the drivers for the "walk about"). But my advice is to avoid this bus, because it's good that you don't have to pay and you'll be with a lot of fans, but the traffic is the same and then you realise why it's free: sometimes a long time to wait and it leaves you inside the big park of Monza and you'll have to walk a VERY long road to arrive to the circuit, it will take a lot of time. The same when you have to go away (and you'll also ask yourself: where the fuck is the bus station? :)
So (flashback :), when you are at Monza station, it's better to take bus tickets (a few €uros) at the tobacconist's and go outside on the left, there's a small garden, a few stairs and a road above ("corso Milano" street). I can see it could be a little complicated at this point, we can go together :), but many people ask me so I have to choose :). When you get this bus (number 221), there could be the same traffic (really annoying, especially when you come back), but it will leave you to a comfortable place, Biassono, near one of the circuit entrances (you will see a landmark with the circuit shape in a little square, there's also a small wall to photograph, with photos and signatures of past and present drivers).
When you have to come back, step off the bus when you see a McDonald's in "corso Milano" street, that is near Monza station.
On Sunday ONLY, there's also a free train from Milan, Stazione Centrale, that even arrives to the circuit (so, no buses at all), but then you realise why it's free: again, the little problem is that it leaves you at Lesmo entrance so you will have to walk a lot, depending on where you're staying in the circuit. Anyway, this train could be good to go there, but my advice is that you avoid it when you have to come back on Sunday afternoon, because there are literally thousands of people trying to use these free trains and you'll have to spend a lot of time in a huge crowd, you could go mad, also because tired from the long weekend.

prices are a bit high inside the circuit, you know, because they also have to pay Ecclestone :) and the quality is a bit "standard", let's say, classic hot dogs, "salamella" sausage and similar stuff. Also, you'll have to deal with long queues of big-belly hungry Germans, lol.
If you want to eat better things and spend less, my trick, when you're on the "final" bus just before arriving to that little square of the autographs wall, is to step off the bus (Vedano stop, you can also ask the driver) and go to this little town called Vedano al Lambro (the Milano river giving the name to Lambretta), there's a nice "rosticceria" to buy food, and then you're still close to a circuit entrance.
To always have very cold water the whole day, you should put a bottle in the freezer the night before, so it's frozen and it melts slowly during the day.

Remember also to bring a suntan lotion cream, 'cause even if it's September, usually it's still really hot and last year we got tanned more in 4 days than in 2 months of holidays.
Also, avoid those foreign people playing with boxes or cards inside the circuit: they try to get money from you but they're actors (whole families) and when the police comes, they run away.

For other questions, contact us marco@miamilan.com


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20 February: Depeche Mode @ Assago
19->25 February: Milan woman fashion week (settimana moda donna)
4->8 March: Carnevale Ambrosiano
3 April: Franz Ferdinand @ Assago
12-13 April: Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 (furniture exhibition), Milan design week
23->25 May: Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este (Como lake)
12 June->13 July: World Cup @ pub
25 June: Aerosmith @ Rho
4->7 September: Formula 1 @ Monza 2014
4->9 November: EICMA 2014 (centenary 1914-2014)
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Italian boys are like me, very passionate.
4 elements mark them: football, music, family and love for elegance. My Italian friends are cool, they wear wonderful clothes and shoes, fabulous scarves, sunglasses even at night and beautiful women by their side. Well, I'm considered quite a holy figure in Italy, It's Milan... Italy's great man, I
fucking love going there.

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(touching his heart more times)

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..... "Slide away" music by Oasis. We have a real piece of Moon next to my house, that is Manchester City symbol. You can see Capello table @ the Football English pub here and also Jesi, the town of former Inter Milan now City manager Mancini, where my uncle was born.

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contact: marco@miamilan.com
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..... Milan was appointed as the 1st city of fashion in the world.
"Milano è una città bellissima. Molta gente pagherebbe per stare qui. Non vado quasi mai a fare shopping, quello che mi piace di Milano è la gente".
(David Beckham, Milan)
[=Milan is a beautiful city. Many people would pay for staying here. I almost never go shopping, what I like in Milan is the people.]
"We get chatting to Marco who was around for Paolo Nutini arriving and had given him a quick hand shake then sloped off, (you know how cool guys like to play it), he is really a Brit Indie lad at heart trapped inside the body of an Italian guy, his taste in music is fabulous.
The tempo was troppo caldo (too hot weather), the Duomo is breathtaking to say the least. Milano women are ridiculously stylish and fabulously slim, gorgeous beings. The chef shaped my pizza into a love heart. Italian men are so smooth!
..... Monza 2010 ..... London, with a Milan Lambretta... waiting for a PG shop in Milan. Same days, new PG shop and new Milan shop: ..... Katy Perry (Oasis fan) in Milan, music & fashion

Milove :)

"Italian" is not a nationality but a compliment

..... a Dutch man in Milan teaching Italian :). To say Hollywood is the best club, I paid the girl ahaha joking

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..... Italian accent :), his girlfriend studied in Milan and he's got friends from here. I drove some cars on this circuit, know every corner as my pockets since I was a child. ..... The centre of the world. The new zone where Oasis had to perform their last concert in history... before the "break" of 5 years... strange coincidence, 2015... we're all part of a Masterplan :))) In his 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere', Noel refers to Italy as the bands’ 'spiritual home' and anyone who has been to an Oasis gig in Italy will know why. It’s fitting that Oasis have chosen Milan to stage the final show... but then Noel left the band again (for the 3rd time) 2 days before (from the official site ) ..... arts->football->art->food->art->fashion->football->music->art... watch this slideshow I made with Oasis piano music of Live forever "we see things they'll never see...'cause I just wanna fly": the 1st city of fashion in the world, the most famous painting in the world, the most famous theatre in the world, the best food in the world, the biggest Christmas tree in the world, the biggest equestrian statue in the world, the 1st team in football history, Milan is magic ..... the most beautiful woman in the world, Breil Milano Compleanno Image Banner 300 x 250

..... song of the summer 2010 in Italy. It says "amiamo l'Inghilterra... crediamo nell'eternità", we love England, we believe in eternity.

the city of Milano&England have the same flag. Ladies&gentlemen, AC Milan, best club in history, was founded by a group of English&Italians. Milan was appointed as the 1.city of world fashion.
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..... Milano da bere, Milan to drink: historic tv advert in 1987 by Marco Mignani, the same man who invented the political name "Forza Italia", conservative party by Berlusconi, born in Milan
..... ahahaha this is hilarious. One of many Milan red drinks ("Milan to drink") like Ramazzotti, Campari, etc. by a Milan comic band fooling around Milan homosexual fashion stylists ^_^ One says "divine" that also means "of wine" and the other goes "which wine, you stupid (girl) !" ahahaha

I'm pleased to announce that I created the "Milano" Facebook network, the only original one on Facebook (it took years to have it), and to use it you have to ask me (by mail here: marco@miamilan.com) a nice Google e-mail address, as "yourname@miamilan.com" ...I'm not Italian, I'm more: I'm from Milan. :D ...The funny part is that to make Facebook accept it, I put it as a "work network" but now it's also a place network. Milan people are known for being always busy in doing something, so this place-work network is appropriate :)

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the best team in history. INTERNATIONAL TROPHIES: AC Milan 18 (7 Champions Leagues), Real Madrid 18 (10 CL), Barcelona 15 (4 C.L.), Liverpool 11 (5 CL), Bayern Munich (5 CL) & Juventus (2 CL) & Ajax (4 CL) 10, Inter Milan 9 (3 CL), Porto (2 CL) & Manchester United (3 CL) 7, Chelsea (1 CL) & Anderlecht & Atletico Madrid (no CL) 5, 4: Feyenoord (1 CL) & Parma & Valencia & Sevilla (no CL), 3: Nottingham Forest (2 CL) & Borussia Dortmund (1 CL) & Dynamo Kyiv & Tottenham (no CL), 2: Benfica (2 CL) & Psv Eindhoven (1 CL) & Red Star Belgrade (1 CL) & Steaua Bucharest (1 CL) & Hamburg (1 CL) & Aston Villa (1 CL) & Ifk Goteborg & Borussia M. & Mechelen & Real Zaragoza & Aberdeen & Lazio & Galatasaray & Zenit Sankt-Peterburg (no CL), 1: Celtic (1 CL) & Olympique Marseille (1 CL) & Manchester City & Fiorentina & Napoli & Sampdoria & Rangers & Ipswich Town & Ferencvarosi & Slovan Bratislava & Cska Moskva & Shakhtar Donetsk & Paris Saint-Germain & Arsenal (no CL), etc. Milan city leading with 27 trophies.

AC Milan is the only one club in the world to play the derby of Italy (Milan-Juventus), of Europe (Milan-Real Madrid), of the world (Milan-Boca Juniors), being the most winning one. +derby of the most winning city in the world, 27 international trophies

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