1) Olympic Games London 2012, Zanardi two gold medals 2) Mario Balotelli (insults from Irish fans, Mario telling they're sons of bitches), Euro 2012, Germany-Italy (+celebrations in Milano) +mamma 3) Stone Roses reunion 4) England-Italy dominating +Pirlo spoon penalty 5) Milan woman fashion week (+Kate Moss) 6) Monza 2012, Jenson (Button), Silvia 7) Sharapova & Ivanovic in Milano 8) Eicma 2012 9) Manchester City champions of England v Qpr (Aguero, Mancini, Balotelli) 10) (worst of 2012) "ghost" (clear) goal AC Milan-Juventus, Muntari
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another food recipe -

Zani's Guide to Making The Perfect Milanese Risotto (With Mushrooms)

There is no doubt that risotto is the stuff of legend. As one of the great classic dishes that does not come from France, it is embraced and recognized by most cuisines. When I reflect upon monumental things that have enhanced my life this dish will be up there amongst them. A lofty, but worthy introduction indeed this is. Risotto is a paradox. It is simplicity and sophistication on a plate. Every professional chef is measured by their ability to make not just a good risotto, but a great one. There are certain lines that cannot be crossed and it can make or break a chefs' reputation. If it is on the menu you will be measured by its execution whether you have a critic in the house or just a punter. Word gets around quickly if the bite is not 'al dente'.

The primary skill required is essentially one of the most basic attributes needed to work in a professional kitchen. It is by far the most difficult aspect to master-patience. It is possible that a chef will never learn this skill, often it takes years to acquire. Under the pressure of a busy service with the restaurant packed full of hungry people waiting for their orders, as the waiters bark at the pass for their table, you simply cannot turn your back on the last stage of cooking a risotto, not for a second. The richness and creaminess come from the stirring and the adding of the stock. There is a measured resting period involved which can be tricky to judge and if the rice is not 'al dente' this results in failure. Failure, shame and the bin. Even though on another day it might be possible when the orders go more in your favour the reality is it takes twenty minutes at the stove to cook risotto requiring constant attention. A two or three Michelin stared kitchen will have one chef for two paying clients making perfection possible. You will not find such attention to detail in a mid-range restaurant.

Your home is perfect for risotto, there you can give it the attention it requires and deserves.

When you cook a risotto you embrace a tradition that transcends contemporary cooking methods. I love some of the contemporary techniques applied to food today, but something doesn't sit right with pressure cooked or sous vide risotto.

What you need rhythm for your body and a mantra for your mind: stir stock stir stock stir stock.

What ever it takes to nail this recipe do it. Don't get distracted by not being able to get interesting mushrooms, or making fresh chicken stock, this recipe will work well with the dried mushrooms readily available and or the ordinary button/chestnutmushrooms. Use a stock cube if you must, just make it happen and experience the sensual groans and moans that ensues when a really good risotto hits a table.

I went with wild mushrooms in this recipe as at this time of year they are in season where I live. I bought fresh porcini mushrooms from a market and picked some from the forest. As I said it is well worth the application to get the ingredients but go with it any how because essentially we are making the classic risotto Milanese with the addition of mushrooms.

250g arborio or carnaroli (rice)
75g shallots
250g mixed mushrooms
30g dried mushroooms
1.5 litres chicken stock
5 garlic cloves
300ml decent full flavoured white wine
75g parmesan Parmigiano Reggiano
30g butter
A squeeze of lemon
Maldon sea-salt and ground black pepper

Prep list
Clean and quarter your mushrooms (Never wash them as they go slimy, if you are using wild mushrooms take the extra time it takes to make sure there is no grit. That will ruin the whole dish. Trim the wild mushrooms back until you are sure there is not place for the grit to hide).

Cover the dried mushrooms in boiling water
Finely chop the shallots
Press the garlic or finely chop it
Heat the stock on the cooker
Grate the parmesan
Chop the butter into squares
Open the wine and measure it out
Finely chop the chives

Take a large non-stick frying pan and put it onto a high heat. If you don't have one then use whatever one you have with the heaviest bottom. Add the olive oil and when it is really hot add the fresh mushrooms. Drain and squeeze the liquid out of the dried mushrooms and finely chop and combine with the others in the pan. Add the liquid to your stock. Keep the rice moving with a silicone spatula or wooden spoon. When the mushrooms start to brown and the water draws out of them, add the shallots and then the garlic. When these are softened add the rice. Stir the rice and cook it out a little bit until all the liquid and oil has soaked into it. Next add the wine and cook until it is dry.

The risotto starts now by stirring in a ladleful of hot stock. When the liquid has reduced repeat this process until the rice is nearly cooked. You will know this by trying the rice. It should be firm but not chalky. After your last ladleful of stock your rice should be left wet. Turn off the heat and add the butter and parmesan without stirring and cover the pan with tin foil or a lid. Leave to rest for five minutes while you warm up the plates.

Remove the lid and gently fold in the butter and parmesan. Add a small squeeze of lemon and taste for seasoning. If necessary add salt and pepper.

When you plate it up you want the rice to cover the surface area of the plate. Don't pile it too high as you don't want a mountain of risotto. Better to go back for seconds.

To finish sprinkle with the chives and ground black pepper.

Wine to drink: Italian wine, appointed as the best in the world. The new "vino di Milano" for Expo 2015, by very good Nettare dei Santi (Nectar of Saints) from San Colombano al Lambro, produced on our same hill where we've always made wine.
You can see the languages (Russian, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Danish, Japanese, Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, etc.) here: www.ilvinodimilano.it (it's very cheap, I've seen bottles for only € 4,90)


until 13 January: free visit to see "Amore e Psiche" by Canova, close to the Gallery @ Palazzo Marino (not the famous "Amore & Psiche" by Canova with the amazing angel kissing, stolen by the french, as always... must have been the french thief Arsene Lupin... their museums are collections of thefts, especially by Napoleon - ask people in Venice, Tuscany and Milan to know what they think about him, the dictator. All art works that should come back to Italy. The only art by the French: Impressionism, that is: bullshit that even children could paint... the only thing the french are good at, is running away with their white flag, them scaredy cats, or being sodomized, dirty people with no bidet in their bathrooms)


All the cathedrals in the world have a CROSS (+) at the top.
...apart from one: Milan's Duomo (quite strange, isn't it?), with a woman: a golden statue of Our Lady (about 4 metres tall), the "Madonnina" (Madunina in Milanese dialect).
Now they're working on it...
I've been many times on the roof but never close to the statue, because it wasn't possible. Someday I will...
Before the Duomo and BEFORE the Romans (who did NOT found Milan), there was a temple dedicated to another woman: Belisama (Goddess of fire, both sun and moon) by the Celts, founders of Milan.
When at Mussolini times they built the Torre Branca (just above Just Cavalli), he wanted it to be lower than Duomo's Madonnina, but now it isn't (for just 10 centimetres).
When they built the "grattacielo Pirelli" skyscraper, they put a small copy of the statue (85 cms) because the palace is taller than the Duomo. The statue has a great meaning, not only religious, to protect the Milanese people.
Now they built skyscrapers (Palazzo Regione Lombardia, Torre Hines) taller than the "Pirellone", so they moved the statue (and there was a whole ceremony, with the archbishop blessing it)

3 KINGS PROCESSION (corteo dei Re Magi)

as every 6 January, the importance of the Milano version comes from the church where they arrive to bring the gifts (gold, frankincense, myrrh): the Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio is the site of the tomb of the Three Magi or Three Kings. It's one of Milano oldest traditions, since 1300.
In the 12th century, when Milan was sacked by Frederick Barbarossa, the relics of the Magi were appropriated and subsequently taken to Cologne. In 1903/4, fragments of the bones and garments were sent back to Sant'Eustorgio's. Nowadays they are in the Three Kings altar.
Always seen it when we were kids not only because it's close to us, also for the animals (elephants, camels, horses, etc.), music, etc. You can also be one of the people wearing costumes.
from Duomo to San Lorenzo to Saint Eustorgio (living nativity scene)

3 museums: Leonardo Da Vinci (museo scienza e tecnica-tecnologia, with Leonardo lab for the Gioconda-Mona Lisa, Uomo Vitruviano-Vitruvian man, etc., Galileo Galilei, sottomarino Toti submarine), Cenacolo Vinciano (@ Santa Maria delle Grazie, Ultima Cena-Last Supper, the most famous painting in the world, also in the Da Vinci Code) and 900 (Novecento) with Milan Futurism, Boccioni, Piero Manzoni, Modigliani, etc.
We've seen in a special event the piece of Moon in Milan near us (rarely shown), value: 5 million €uros, with the Italian flag that was on the Moon.
As model Evelina said: being in Milan is like being on the Moon :)

You can also visit other museums as the Pinacoteca di Brera, with "il Bacio" (the Kiss) by Francesco Hayez, Dead Christ by Mantegna, etc.

Era da tempo che volevamo fare un recensione del famigerato (ora Mediolanum) Forum di Assago, non è la prima volta che accadono situazioni spiacevoli.
Sempre da lasciarti l'amaro in bocca, che ti viene voglia di chiedere dei rimborsi.
I complimentoni per il trattamento che hanno riservato alla gente pagante la giornata dedicata al tennis.
Dopo aver annunciato che le gare iniziavano alle 13, ci hanno fatto aspettare ore fuori al freddo, facendoci
perdere le gare dei ragazzi, coi loro genitori e parenti tra di noi.
Anche presi per i fondelli, da diversi personaggi distinti che si presentavano annunciandoci l'apertura "a minuti", "2 minuti", ecc.
Aspettavano, per le perquisizioni, i Carabinieri... che molto dopo sono arrivati e se ne stavano chiusi in macchina... troppo freddo fuori.
Come se non bastasse, siamo stati addirittura sgridati più di una volta, perchè all'interno non ci trovavamo seduti al nostro posto del biglietto, cosa praticamente impossibile, a meno che tutto il Forum si fosse alzato, in un effetto domino.
Non funzionerà bene mai niente in Italia.
Andremo sicuramente ancora al Forum e ne parleremo benissimo a tutti gli amici, parenti e conoscenti, anche
su internet.
Se poi a qualcuno viene la brillante idea di non usare la macchina per evitare il traffico e l'ingorgo che c'era fuori, e usufruire del "servizio" della metropolitana al Forum (5 euro), ovvero un'attesa interminabile (e non alla sera tardi, ma ad ora di cena del sabato!), terminata con un classico italiano: L'APPLAUSO della gente quando è arrivata. Come quando gli italiani applaudono l'atterraggio riuscito dell'aereo.
Addirittura hanno dovuto bloccare la gente di sopra ai biglietti, perchè la banchina era colma.
All'andata addirittura passano una serie di metro "Abbiategrasso" e non Assago (e pur sapendo dell'evento al Forum, perchè lo sanno, lo vedono dalla quantità di gente).
Per fortuna che il prezzo del biglietto dei mezzi col sindaco Pisapia è aumentato del 50% eh...
sicuramente un servizio migliore eh...

2nd part (national anthems, Serbian, Russian and Italian) and a bit of videos and photos

‎"I've not played many exhibitions in the past few years so it was a lot of fun to visit Milan at the weekend for an exhibition event. I shopped, ate great food, took part in some pretty strange press conferences, and I even won a game against Vinci. Actually, I won the match, then Maria Sharapova and I lost the doubles, but overall we won 2-1. But to be honest the score didn't matter - it was just a lot of fun being on court and relaxing, enjoying the occasion, away from a tournament."

exhibition highlights + interviews
feat. Sharapova's orgasmic sighs, lol

the best game was the first one
6:00 Ana tries to hit the ball between her legs
Maria pretended (to have a laugh) to be angry against a person who shouted "forza Sara"
20:33 Maria pretends to get angry and tells a lineswoman to wear glasses, lol. She's never been so smiling. It was the first time Maria & Ana played together, but they lost that one, 'cause Vinci-Errani are 1st in the world as double.
It's very exciting to see this sport live.

the results were:
Ivanovic - Vinci 7-6
Sharapova - Errani 6-2
double: Vinci Errani - Sharapova Ivanovic 6-4

amazing day!!! Maria!!! Ana!!! walking down the first fashion street in the world with who? Maria Sharapova.
video - 0:29 Maria wonders where Armani cafè is (from Armani hotel)
1:12 Armani house
I filmed even Maria’s ass, lol @ 8:14 when she was tying her shoes, then I whistle :)
I also caught her with tennis player Dimitrov, and the most popular Italian newspaper stole me the scoop...
They are incredibly beautiful, especially Ana Ivanovic. More than models, those who look sick. The people usually think I’m a F1 driver ^_^, this time at first they thought I was Maria’s “escort”, lol. I met many paparazzi, I even got a pass and went to the presentation among journalists, where I could NOT stay, lol. It was a whole adventure. I also helped a disabled boy, it was just a perfect day. It was not possible to film inside restaurants, bar and hotel, only @ Gazzetta dello Sport press conference.

I sell the plastic cups where Maria & Ana were drinking :)) (proof at the end), to who offers more :D
on eBay, click here

They showed to Maria a photo when she was 13, first time in Milan, and she said she was very thin.
also Ana said she likes Milano and the people, the warmth they convey.
Maria sounded a bit more “princess”, you know, and she did not stop for the photographers outside the bar and when she entered the conference. Ana stopped in both cases.
I think Maria is beautiful but too idolised, while the real beauty is Ana.

Tomorrow the games @ Forum (it’s also a charity), "la Grande Sfida" with Errani and Vinci.

"What a great time we had in Milan. Got me all into the Christmas spirit with the weather and shopping but then I arrived in Florida and BOOM that feeling quickly evaporated...it's super warm and no shopping...only for pretty sea shells."

Persone pessime incontrate: i fotografi (paparazzi), di una maleducazione esemplare.
Per non parlare della "gazza ladra", La Gazzetta dello Sport (vedi post su Oasisblues) che ha rubato questo mio video, facendolo proprio, pure etichettandolo "Gazzetta TV", addirittura come "scoop esclusivo". Ridicoli.

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3 April: Franz Ferdinand @ Assago
12-13 April: Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 (furniture exhibition), Milan design week
23->25 May: Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este (Como lake)
12 June->13 July: World Cup @ pub
25 June: Aerosmith @ Rho
4->7 September: Formula 1 @ Monza 2014
4->9 November: EICMA 2014 (centenary 1914-2014)
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I ragazzi italiani sono come me, molto passionali.
4 elementi li contraddistinguono: il calcio, la musica, la famiglia e l'amore per l'eleganza. I miei amici italiani sono dei fighi, indossano vestiti e scarpe stupende, sciarpe favolose, occhiali da sole anche di notte e donne bellissime al loro fianco. Beh, sono considerato una figura santa in Italia. E' Milano... l'Italia è grande amico, cazzo se mi piace andarci".
(Noel Gallagher, Oasis)

Italy is Oasis spiritual home.
Italian boys are like me, very passionate.
4 elements mark them: football, music, family and love for elegance. My Italian friends are cool, they wear wonderful clothes and shoes, fabulous scarves, sunglasses even at night and beautiful women by their side. Well, I'm considered quite a holy figure in Italy, It's Milan... Italy's great man, I
fucking love going there.

"Milano è il miglior fottuto pubblico, e lo dico davvero!"
(toccandosi il cuore più volte)
(Liam Gallagher, Oasis)

Milan is the best fucking crowd, and I really mean it!
(touching his heart more times)

"Nice jacket"
(Liam Gallagher embracing me)
..... "Slide away" music by Oasis. We have a real piece of Moon next to my house, that is Manchester City symbol. You can see Capello table @ the Football English pub here and also Jesi, the town of former Inter Milan now City manager Mancini, where my uncle was born.

contact: marco@miamilan.com

contact: marco@miamilan.com
click to order. Milan Futurism and photos by Harri Peccinotti (famous Milano Pirelli calendars 1968 & 1969)

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..... Queen in Milan, Love of my life

..... ‎(AC) Milano Dolce & Gabbana...my lips, for kissing and for words that start with the letter M ;)

..... Monza 2012

‎"...reminds me of fashion, football, fantastic food and the fans... it's set in amazing city of Milan which provides a beautiful backdrop with the Duomo... I hear it's good for shopping too, shame we don't have time"

..... when it seems to finish, it's not over yet :)
..... Monza 2011
..... Mark Van Bommel crying for leaving Milan

wearing Milan RayBan sunglasses

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..... Pretty Green history. "I'm a cold Italian pizza" :)

the beginning of Pretty Green, Milan, 11 March 2009 (same day: Inter Milan losing in Manchester ehehe). My English blue navy Pretty Green scarf, a must-have: a soft, lightweight polka dot scarf made from 100% cotton and expertly hand-printed by Italy’s leading scarf producer
..... London -> Milan, November 2009, with Milan legend Paolo Maldini. Follow us & Liam on Twitter & YouTube
..... Le Vibrazioni from Milan, "Dedicato a te (Giulia)"

English tabloid, Italian paparazzi ^_^
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Oasis here 55 - Beatles here 54

English girl + Milano Lambretta
..... Milan was appointed as the 1st city of fashion in the world.
"Milano è una città bellissima. Molta gente pagherebbe per stare qui. Non vado quasi mai a fare shopping, quello che mi piace di Milano è la gente".
(David Beckham, Milan)
[=Milan is a beautiful city. Many people would pay for staying here. I almost never go shopping, what I like in Milan is the people.]
"We get chatting to Marco who was around for Paolo Nutini arriving and had given him a quick hand shake then sloped off, (you know how cool guys like to play it), he is really a Brit Indie lad at heart trapped inside the body of an Italian guy, his taste in music is fabulous.
The tempo was troppo caldo (too hot weather), the Duomo is breathtaking to say the least. Milano women are ridiculously stylish and fabulously slim, gorgeous beings. The chef shaped my pizza into a love heart. Italian men are so smooth!
..... Monza 2010 ..... London, with a Milan Lambretta... waiting for a PG shop in Milan. Same days, new PG shop and new Milan shop: ..... Katy Perry (Oasis fan) in Milan, music & fashion

Milove :)

"Italian" is not a nationality but a compliment

..... a Dutch man in Milan teaching Italian :). To say Hollywood is the best club, I paid the girl ahaha joking

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..... Italian accent :), his girlfriend studied in Milan and he's got friends from here. I drove some cars on this circuit, know every corner as my pockets since I was a child. ..... The centre of the world. The new zone where Oasis had to perform their last concert in history... before the "break" of 5 years... strange coincidence, 2015... we're all part of a Masterplan :))) In his 'Tales From The Middle Of Nowhere', Noel refers to Italy as the bands’ 'spiritual home' and anyone who has been to an Oasis gig in Italy will know why. It’s fitting that Oasis have chosen Milan to stage the final show... but then Noel left the band again (for the 3rd time) 2 days before (from the official site ) ..... arts->football->art->food->art->fashion->football->music->art... watch this slideshow I made with Oasis piano music of Live forever "we see things they'll never see...'cause I just wanna fly": the 1st city of fashion in the world, the most famous painting in the world, the most famous theatre in the world, the best food in the world, the biggest Christmas tree in the world, the biggest equestrian statue in the world, the 1st team in football history, Milan is magic ..... the most beautiful woman in the world, Breil Milano Compleanno Image Banner 300 x 250

..... song of the summer 2010 in Italy. It says "amiamo l'Inghilterra... crediamo nell'eternità", we love England, we believe in eternity.

the city of Milano&England have the same flag. Ladies&gentlemen, AC Milan, best club in history, was founded by a group of English&Italians. Milan was appointed as the 1.city of world fashion.
..... Milano da bere, Milan to drink: historic tv advert in 1987 by Marco Mignani, the same man who invented the political name "Forza Italia", conservative party by Berlusconi, born in Milan
..... ahahaha this is hilarious. One of many Milan red drinks ("Milan to drink") like Ramazzotti, Campari, etc. by a Milan comic band fooling around Milan homosexual fashion stylists ^_^ One says "divine" that also means "of wine" and the other goes "which wine, you stupid (girl) !" ahahaha

I'm pleased to announce that I created the "Milano" Facebook network, the only original one on Facebook (it took years to have it), and to use it you have to ask me (by mail here: marco@miamilan.com) a nice Google e-mail address, as "yourname@miamilan.com" ...I'm not Italian, I'm more: I'm from Milan. :D ...The funny part is that to make Facebook accept it, I put it as a "work network" but now it's also a place network. Milan people are known for being always busy in doing something, so this place-work network is appropriate :)
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AC Milan is the only one club in the world to play the derby of Italy (Milan-Juventus), of Europe (Milan-Real Madrid), of the world (Milan-Boca Juniors), being the most winning one. +derby of the most winning city in the world, 27 international trophies

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